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Unresolved conflicts often spiral out of control and inflict irreparable financial and emotional harm to the involved parties.  Drawing on 31 years of legal experience, Mr. Siboni, through the practice of mediation specializes in finding better ways to settle disputes.   

What is Mediation?  Mediation is a negotiation process in which a neutral, skilled third person  – the mediator –  helps the parties to a dispute reach a voluntary agreement. The mediator does not decide how the dispute should be resolved but instead helps the parties develop agreements that are satisfactory to all parties.

Litigation can be a long drawn out process, which often ends with a "roll-of-the-dice" at trial.  Comparatively, the Mediation process enables legal matters to result in a win-win for all concerned parties.  It is this WIN-WIN outcome that drives Mr. Siboni to amicably resolve matters through the mediation process.

Michael C. Siboni's significant experience litigating civil matters instills confidence in his clients during the mediation process. As such, Mr. Siboni has earned the reputation as an effective and skillful mediator who has been selected as a neutral by the most prestigious law firms throughout the State of Florida as well as nationally. He employs a combination of facilitative and evaluative mediation, supplemented by his 31 years experience as a litigator. His background, experience and skill make him a highly effective mediator with a solid record of resolving disputes

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 1900 S.E. 18th Avenue · Suite 300 · Ocala, FL 34471 · Tel: 352.629.7441

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